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As you may have guessed, our mission is to provide the highest level of service in the industry. D.O.C.S. provides both residential and commercial cleaning services. We complete a thorough examination to determine what condition your place of business or residence is in. This necessary task helps to determine the estimated time and upfront cost to our clients.
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Home Cleaning

D.O.C.S. Home Check-Up

A Check Up involves a member of our team coming to do Basic cleaning which includes light dusting, bathrooms and floors. With this package, the client manages to keep their place exactly the way DOCS leaves it. The minimal price is charged.

Good Condition

A Good Condition home, may involve placing a few items back in its place, washing dishes, laundry, dusting, bathrooms and floors. Price varies depending on size of place and number of loads.

Serious Condition

A Serious Condition home requires members of our team to come out and not only do a thorough and detailed cleaning but organization as well. It may require us to rearrange the system in place, so that things make more sense and is easily manageable. Prices are typically 50% more than the normal amount.

Critical Condition

A Critical Condition home requires a complete makeover. With this condition, the home is generally in complete disarray and will require members of our team to create an entirely new system. Requires complete organization and a thorough and detailed cleaning. Prices are typically tripled the normal price.

Commercial Cleaning

Do you have a business office or building that needs a contractor? D.O.C.S also provides commercial cleaning and organizing services for commercial buildings and businesses. Once we receive your request, we will provide a thorough examination to determine what services would be best for your commercial building or business.

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