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What Condition Is Your Home In?

D.O.C.S. completes a thorough examination to determine what condition your place of business or residence is in. This necessary task helps to determine the estimated time and upfront cost to our clients.

Delivering a top quality service Every Time!

D.O.C.S. Home CheckUp

A Check Up involves a member of our team coming to do Basic cleaning which includes light dusting, bathrooms and floors. With this package, the client manages to keep their place exactly the way DOCS leaves it. The minimal price is charged.

Good Condition

A Good Condition home, may involve placing a few items back in its place, washing dishes, laundry, dusting, bathrooms and floors. Price varies depending on size of place and number of loads.

Serious Condition

A Serious Condition home requires members of our team to come out and not only do a thorough and detailed cleaning but organization as well. It may require us to rearrange the system in place, so that things make more sense and is easily manageable. Prices are typically 50% more than the normal amount.

Critical Condition

A Critical Condition home requires a complete makeover. With this condition, the home is generally in complete disarray and will require members of our team to create an entirely new system. Requires complete organization and a thorough and detailed cleaning. Prices are typically doubled the normal price.

D.O.C.S. Results

D.O.C.S. guarantees top quality service every time. Here is a look at some of the home and businesses we have saved and clients who have enjoyed their clean homes and organized spaces. D.O.C.S. will provide this same level of service and dependability to your home or office.

Client Reviews

Dominique is trustworthy, dependable, and amazing at her job. My husband and I don't have much free time to attend to things around our house and with Dominique that isn't a problem. I can reliably expect a sweet-smelling, spotlessly tidy home and I am ready to entertain guests at a moments notice. Other services that I've used lack the personal touch and thoughtfulness Dominique puts into her work. I've referred her to friends and colleagues and we all agree- Dominique is the absolute best!

E. Myers, Brecksville, Ohio

I have used DOCS many times for small and large projects. From organizing, to deep cleaning, and light house work. Dominique is always prompt and thorough. She is very meticulous and diligent when servicing any home or commercial property. Any concerns you have she will gladly address. She will make sure you are more than satisfied with her work and goes above and beyond to ensure phenomenal results. 10 out of 10 I would definitely recommend.

Brittany B., Euclid, Ohio

My biggest challenge with cleaning was that I did not have the time! I wanted to be able to clean my own home but I worked long hours and was exhausted by the weekend. Ever since I’ve started using Dominique’s services, my life has changed in that I can use my down time after work to relax knowing that I have a clean place! It is a huge stress release for me!There is absolutely nothing I would change. I am so happy with her services!! I don’t know what I’d do without her help! I am so grateful!!

Marissa B., Cleveland, Ohio


All members of D.O.C.S are Bonded and Insured. We are committed to providing our clients with excellent cleaning and organizational services. Unlike any other cleaning service, each member undergo a comprehensive training curriculum before they gain their placement on the team. We want to ensure that each member understands Dominique’s vision for the company and are committed to delivering a top quality service every time, just like Dominique!

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