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About a year and a half ago, I moved from a single-family home onto a horse ranch with a main house, a Carriage House and 4 barns. I pride myself on being fairly organized, but in the process of moving 20 years of belongings out of one house and into 2 smaller houses in a hurry, things got crazy. One year later after a bunch of good intentions, my house was worse than the day I moved in. I felt like I was drowning in clutter and I had things all over the place. I even had to rent and completely fill the largest storage locker I could find because my new square footage was smaller than my old square footage. Meeting Dominique was like a miracle. I couldn’t wrap my head around how she was going to be able to organize “my things” in a way where I would understand it or ever be able to find anything again. But Dominique always has a plan. With a few specific questions she was able to get to know me and what my organizational needs were in a very short amount of time. She works really fast and provides working solutions that organize a lot of items into small spaces. Her pricing is competitive and fair. She created systems for me and made room where I didn’t know I had any. I think by the time she was done she touched every single thing in my house and organized every drawer, closet, and bathroom, including my office, basement, garage, even a couple of the barns…..everything! She sorted through and organized things I hadn’t seen in my basement for years. I think Dominique actually MADE me money because I now wear clothes, shoes, jewelry and purses that I haven’t worn in years because I can see everything I own now. And I was able to get rid of my storage locker. Her systems are easy to maintain, and I have no problem keeping up with what she put in place for me. I am now going to have her come back once a month just to keep me in line and tweak things as we go. I love her! She literally provides a priceless service and something that I could have never done on my own. I can finally enjoy my things and my spaces! She’s awesome!

Lisa LoConti
Chardon, OH

Dominique and her Team Member Associate Navaeh are an amazing dynamic duo! Dominique in particular is meticulous - her detail oriented approach yields spectacular results. The deep cleaning method that she applies is so effective - she takes clean to a higher level. Her skills are a great gift and her positive energy permeates her ability to organize and sanitize. Together, they restored calm order and peace to our living space, making our lives much more manageable.

Sharon W. M.
Shaker Heights, OH

I contacted DOCS to help with cleaning my mother's home. She has not been well and over time some areas really needed a deep clean. I am not exaggerating to say that I was left in awe at the way things were sparkling clean. Old stains that I'd tried to no avail to clean were removed. The stove looked brand new and the first time I'd seen her ceiling fan blades sparkle. She was always hesitant when I'd mentioned having someone come into her home to clean, but she is a believer now.

Jackie B.
South Euclid, OH

Working with Dominique and her team has been phenomenal! She really cares for your home as if it were her own. Her attention to detail and genuine love for what she does truly shows in her work. We've been looking for a great housekeeper for YEARS! We've finally found one and we're never letting go! Also, since she's been helping us with cleaning our AirBnB, we've been able to earn Superhost status! Dominique and the D.O.C.S. team are the best! You can't go wrong working with them.

Nichelle B.
Cleveland, OH

Dominique did an amazing job cleaning our house. She greatly exceeded our expectations and provided 5-star service. She was professional and kept us informed. We will definitely be utilizing her cleaning service again.

The Jacob Family
Cleveland, OH

I initially utilized Dominque’s service for organization a few years ago. Shortly afterwards I became ill and with lost of mobility unable to thoroughly clean my home. Dominique is absolutely amazing not only is she professional, but dependable and trustworthy. Her cleaning & organization service is impeccable and we look forward to her weekly cleaning services.

April H.
Richmond Hts, OH

We're so happy to hear this service came back to town! No one cleans like Dominique! We've been using her service for years! I had her clean my sister's home when she has surgery and my sister was thrilled!!! This is the best gift you can give someone. Once you use D.O.C.S, you'll want to use it all the time! Dominique trains her staff to clean at a standard above all other cleaning services. Trust me! I've tried other companies before but no one cleans like this service! I highly recommend D.O.C.S!

Fran & Roni
Parma, OH

As a messy person, I have had my fair share of folks clean my place. I will say that one of the things I love most about Dominique is that she doesn't just clean, she creates a system if you didn't have one already. Pots and pans will go in here, Tupperware over here. Shirts on this shelf, pants on this one. That's something that I'm terrible at, and I really appreciate the work she put into not just making my place spotless, but also that every time she comes back, things go back in the same place they were last time. She's truly the best, give her a shot! You won't be disappointed.

John B.
Downtown Cleveland, OH

Dominique is extremely thorough and professional. It's very easy to schedule an appointment and I appreciate her flexibility as my work schedule frequently changes. I'm VERY happy with the results of her services and I appreciate her timeliness and professionalism! I strongly recommend this company!

Marc & Kim L.
Lakewood, OH

For the past 10 years, Dominique has performed cleaning services in my home on a monthly basis. When she arrives, I generally go to the lower level or leave and do whatever outside tasks that must be done. She has a pleasant personality, is trustworthy, and has great organizational skills.

Ms. Phillips
Euclid, OH

I just want to say Thank you for your services today. You were really professional and efficient with your cleaning. I would 100% refer you to anyone that needs a job done! I can smell the cleanliness and see my cabinets in a different view now. All I can say is MONEY well spent 👍🏼.

Carmenita S.
Akron, OH

Dominique is great! We tried 2 different cleaning services prior to syncing up with Dominique. A colleague at work passed her name to me and we have been working with her since. She is almost always on time. Obviously things come up but what is amazing about Dominique is that she always keeps us in the loop and lets us know if she is going to be late even if its only 10 minutes. (This is something we greatly appreciate because communication is key and this has been a big issue in the past with others we have worked with) She always confirms via text the night before. My wife is very picky when it comes to the chemicals coming in our house and Dominique makes sure to only use environmentally friendly products for us and even brings new products to our attention that she has started using with other clients. She is very trustworthy which is obviously important when someone is in your personal space but we trust her completely. Definitely give her a shot!

Mr. & Mrs. Driscoll
Bentleyville, OH

Dominique is a very professional person who takes pride in her work. She is trustworthy, on time and works at a great pace. D.O.C. definitely brought life back into my home to the point I fell back in love with my home all over again. I definitely recommend her services.

Bedford, OH

My biggest challenge with cleaning was that I did not have the time! I wanted to be able to clean my own home but I worked long hours and was exhausted by the weekend. Ever since I’ve started using Dominique’s services, my life has changed in that I can use my downtime after work to relax knowing that I have a clean place! It is a huge stress release for me! There is absolutely nothing I would change. I am so happy with her services!! I don’t know what I’d do without her help! I am so grateful!!

Marrisa B.
Cleveland, OH

I have used DOCS many times for small and large projects. From organizing, to deep cleaning, and light house work. Dominique is always prompt and thorough. She is very meticulous and diligent when servicing any home or commercial property. Any concerns you have she will gladly address. She will make sure you are more than satisfied with her work and goes above and beyond to ensure phenomenal results. 10 out of 10 I would definitely recommend.

Brittany B.
Euclid, OH

Dominique is trustworthy, dependable, and amazing at her job. My husband and I don't have much free time to attend to things around our house and with Dominique that isn't a problem. I can reliably expect a sweet-smelling, spotlessly tidy home and I am ready to entertain guests at a moments notice. Other services that I've used lack the personal touch and thoughtfulness Dominique puts into her work. I've referred her to friends and colleagues and we all agree- Dominique is the absolute best!

E. Myers
Brecksville, OH